Exposure to the four elements grounds us in the present. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Bare feet in the soil, damp from wet grass, the sharpness of a crisp autumnal breeze, the dance of flames in a bonfire.

When we open ourselves up to interact with and experience nature, we become aware of our connection to the environment and the lifeforce within every living plant and creature on Earth. At the same time, the wider world slips away, and we are rooted in the now.

Our AW20 collection honours the consciousness of youth and reinforces our ties to the natural world. Our colour palette is borne of these elements: Storm Blue, Cloud Grey and Ice, Bone, Auburn, Berry and Clay, Rust, Hazel and Vison, Juniper, Saffron and Natural. This collection also features four exclusive Omibia prints, inspired by and named for the elements.